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Foal expected mid April in 2011!

Foal available for in-utero purchase.

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Foal expected mid June in 2011!






Foal expected mid August in 2011!

Breeding by Nicole Davison













Born on  May 30, 2010.  Patriot av Drömmarna made her appearance just before Memorial Day in the middle of the night.  Bay, full leopard, with 2 right socks, a coronet band and a cute little blaze just gives this kid super expression and she's super friendly and personable.  Its hard to do anything in the stall because she wants you to love on her and play the whole time.  She's graceful and athletic and will make someone an awesome show horse when she gets older. 

She is fully registerable with the KNN and we will be completely shocked if she doesn't take their breath away when we can present her in 2011.

(Pictures were taken at 8 hours old)

For Sale - contact us for current pricing consideration.





Meet Augustus (aka, "Auggie").  Born on August 2nd almost immediately after Pat left for work, and an hour before I went up to check water buckets.  This kid snuck in to our lives and is almost an identical twin of his older sister, Layla.  Full of spunk, and just as adorable as they come, I know he's going to have a full and joyful life.







  Born on July 4th, 2009.  Pádraigín av Drömmarna (Reina) is a sweet little bay Knabstrupper filly with a blanket and 2 hind socks.  She's got long legs and showed a serious amount of athleticism even at a few days of age.  We suspect that this little lady will make someone a fabulous sporthorse for eventing or hunter jumpers.

Graded as 1st Premium by the KNN as a foal in 2009 with an overall score of 8.  Received Best Foal at the testing.

SOLD! - Congratulations to Melyni Worth on her latest addition!



  Born on July 10th, 2009.  Puzzle av Drömmarna (Rune) is a gentle and quiet black Knabstrupper filly with a blanket.  A well mannered, highly inquisitive and intelligent little lady that looks to be showing every sign of a good dressage prospect.  Color tested: E/e, a/a

Graded as 1st Premium by the KNN as a foal in 2009 with an overall score of 8.

For Sale - Contact us for current pricing consideration.







  Born on April 8th, 2008.  Branwyn Crescendo (Wyn) is a brave little bay near leopard Knabstrupper filly.  Well mannered, extremely intelligent and showing strong athleticism, this little lady is probably going to take her new owner where ever she wants to go.

In 2009 Branwyn was presented to the KNN for inspection as "young stock" and received a grading of 1st Premium!  Way to go Wyn!

Congratulations to Barrie Getz on her purchase.




Born on June 21st, 2008.  Layla is a quiet filly that has a star that looks like a floating feather is by a 16.2hh Palomino Warmblood stallion and out of a 13.2hh BLM Mustang Mare.  She is the product of a true barnyard romance.  When Sadie first came to the property, Ares was smitten, and still is even today.

Congratulations to her new owner, Sadie Karl.




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