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Few-Spot Knabastrupper Stallion

Sporthorse Type

KNN 1st Premium Stallion

ZfDP Verbands Premium Hengst

15.3hh - Homozygous for color

"Pegasus" was imported in 2006 by Patrick Truxillo and Diane Nilson to lead their efforts in bringing awareness off this amazing breed to the USA. 

Bred by Dr. Ute Braun-Munzinger of Germany, his breeding is one of exceptional lines with qualities that he has thus far passed on to his foals.

Pegasus received his breeding license with the ZfDP in March 2004 and was awarded the Verbands Premium Hengst title, signifying that he was considered to be a top graded stallion by that German registry. At the time of that testing, he had not yet reached 3 years of age.

In 2009, the KNN, the Knabstrupper registry founded in Denmark, had their inaugural tour of the USA and Pegasus was presented and inspected by them and received his Lifetime Breeding License receiving a 1st Premium grading. 

Since arriving in the USA, he has been an ambassador for the breed by representing Knabstruppers at Equine Affaire in Pomona and by competing in several local dressage competitions.  With his style and conformation, Pegasus has consistently impressed people with his gentle manner and easy going demeanor.

His previous owner in Germany, Gwendolyn Gregorio, has only had high praise not only for his manners, but for the foals he produced in her breeding program, the majority of which received premium grades.

Even with the hectic schedule of breeding season combined with training and his first entries in dressage competitions this season, Pegasus has been a gentleman and a trooper.












Pegasus if available to outside mares for breeding at this time.

Contact us for a current contract and pricing considerations. 

Special pricing considerations offered if breeding to Knabstrupper mares .




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